Heat Scale: This product contains no chilli

Storage: Once opened, please store your sausages uncovered in the fridge or in a paper bag, keeping the skin dry. Use within 5 days. Alternatively, you can wrap them individually and freeze.

Ingredients: Free range WA pork, sea salt, freshly ground spices, garlic, pink salt (0.001% nitrite), vitamin C

Allergens: Contains garlic


Free range pork

Free range beef

Sea salt

Fresh Ground Spices

Pink salt

Vitamin C


Nutritional Fact

                                   Ave Qty           Ave Qty

                                  per serve        per 100g 

Energy                       1240kj             1240kj

Protein                           17g               17g

Fat, total                       25g               25g

  -saturated                  1.6g               1.6g

Carbohydrate              <1g                <1g

  -sugars                        <1g                <1g

Sodium                     874mg             874mg 


Cooking Tips

Heat in simmering water for 7 minutes

or bbq/grill/panfry until browned and heated through. Makes

and amazing dinner, bbq or breakfast sausage and is delicious

in a fresh bun as an all natural hotdog!



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