Heat Scale: This product contains no chilli.

Storage: Rinse your ham bag or clean pillow case in 2 cups of water and a tablespoon of white vinegar, then wring it out. Take your ham out of its plastic bag and place it in your ham bag. Store in your fridge below 5 degrees celsius. Keep the bag moist at all times and rinse the bag in the water and vinegar solution every  5 days. Your ham should keep for about 3 weeks.

Ingredients: Free range WA pork, sea salt, raw sugar, pink salt (contains 0.001& nitrite), vitamin C

Allergens: n/a

1 review for Sweetheart Ham

  1. Susan Seeber

    Tasted this ham at a party this week.
    Best smoky flavour ever. It’s how I remember ham used to taste.

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